Palarm Chapel Missionary Baptist Church has a rich and storied history that covers over 130 years. The following is a brief summary of places, people and pastors that have served Palarm Chapel over the course of those years.

Palarm Chapel Missionary Baptist Church was organized May 15, 1881 by Elder P. Watkins, I Shelly and J. Haynes and conducted its first services under a brush harbor. Rev. D. Martin served as the first pastor from 1881-1899. The first permanent building was a one room white framed building erected on the original church site.

The second building was a brick structure, which was unique for any structure built by African-Americans at that time. It was erected during the pastorialship of Rev. W.G. Hollis. It later burned and service was held in the White City School until a building was erected under the leadership of Rev. P.S. Scott (1939-1948). This building was used until a new church was built and dedicated in 1950 under the guidance of Elder A.L. Perkins (1950-1980) who was a great Christian educator and motivator. When that building burned in 1983, the church relocated to its present site and this edifice in which we now occupy was erected and dedicated under the leadership of Rev. James E. Mackey (1984-2006). The A.L. Perkins Family Life Center was also added during his tenure as pastor.

Other pastors and their years of service are, Rev. Samuel C. Collins (1899-1916), Rev. Martin Hayes (1922-1927), Rev. W.M. Upshaw (1927-1929), Rev. Lewis Embry (1929- 1935), Rev. Dan Moore (1935-1937), Rev. Flemings (1937-1939), Rev. W.L. Templeton (1948-1950), Rev. J.F. Franklin (1982-1983), Rev. Peter Thompson also served as interim pastor.

Some of the deacons who have served over the course of these years include, W.H. Ingram, Jr., R. Agee, C.F. Cunningham, A.R. Hayes, Ben Cunningham, Peter Thompson, Sam Agee, W.M. Irby, Berry Stubbs, Fizer Acklin, W.O. Collins, Hubert Irby, Steve Carter, L.B. Agee, L.C. Acklin, E.F. Arnold, Leroy McClure, Willie D. Acklin, Bobby Acklin, Israel Garth, James Googe, Sr., Louis C. Love, George Mackey, Roger Pleasant, John Rose, Paul Williams, Anthony Russell, Michael Credit, Stephen Benson.

Some of the names of the members are Ms. Dona Agee (Mission President), Joe McCuien (Usher President), Milton Harper, Mrs. C.A. Arnold, Sis. Lillie E. Collins, Sis. Alice Fuller, Sis. Hattie Inyard, Sis. Lula Hawthorne, Sis. Vernice Collins.

Our current pastor, Rev. P.E. Davenport, Jr. was installed on August 5, 2007 after serving one year as interim pastor. The deacons who now serve the members of Palarm Chapel are Tony Miller (Chairman), James Fuller, Bobby 0. Ray, Andrew Credit, John Randall and Kent Stubbs.

Let us as the current leaders and members of Palarm Chapel Missionary Baptist Church continue to lead our people as we show the love of Christ for each other and thus add to the legacy of this great church.